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What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, formally Office 365, is the solution for the modern-day organisation. It provides your business with the availability to run a variation of services from one platform – the Cloud. Every application your business could need is supported by Microsoft 365, from emails, SharePoint (online file access) and Teams, as well as the already established office applications you are familiar with (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to name a few!

Everything is securely backed up within the Cloud, a computing storage system, to ensure business security and confidentiality is maintained.  The latest version of Microsoft 365 will also always be available, so you will never have applications slowing down and decreasing your productivity.

With the move to working from home more apparent than ever, switching to Microsoft 365 includes Teams, a great communication platform perfect for workplace communication and collaborative working!

How can it help your business?

Microsoft 365 ensures the most flexible and convenient way of operating. The built-in security allows all data to remain strictly confidential and guarantee your business is secure and privacy is controlled. As thousands of businesses already made the switch with Bulldog IT, the implementation and migration of Microsoft 365 is seamless, and productivity is not compromised.

Acquiring Microsoft 365 can seem daunting, but as Bulldog IT are certified Microsoft Partners, our expert IT Technician’s ensure this smooth transition is done without compromising your organisational needs.

Microsoft 365 FAQ’s

Moving to Microsoft 365 allows your business to discover more ways of being productive due to the various applications available. Businesses efficiency is automatically increased due to the host of tools accessible, allowing for easy communication. With various options to suit your organizational budget and requirements, migrating to Microsoft 365 is the way forward.

With the ability to work from anywhere with internet connection and the vast, easy to use applications, Microsoft 365 provides you with everything your business could need. Company data is always secured within the Cloud and allows users to create and share seamlessly.

Yes, of course you can. All your files and data are stored securely within the Cloud database instead of a piece of hardware / server that you need to manage. All company data is safe and easily accessible should any personal equipment break or get stolen. Many SME’s use a serverless version of M365 instead of using their own hardware / servers.

There are various plans of Microsoft 365, and they are costed differently according to the services included. Microsoft 365 Business Basic starts at £3.80 per license per month, Microsoft 365 Business Standard starts at £9.40 per license per month and there are various other plans at different costs.

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of different plans of Microsoft 365, so it really depends on what services you need. Microsoft 356 Business Basic gives you: Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, and Office Online (desktop versions not included); whilst Microsoft 365 Business Standard gives you: Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, business email, and premium office applications across your devices. There are many other plans, so there is sure to be a solution that best fits your business needs. Get in touch to discuss what your needs are and how we can assist.

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Popular IT Services Questions

The top IT services questions often revolve around understanding the specific needs and challenges of a business. Here are three key questions that businesses commonly ask when seeking IT services:

What IT Services does my Business need?

This foundational question aims to identify the specific IT services that align with the business's goals and requirements. It may involve assessing the current IT infrastructure, understanding business processes, and determining areas that require improvement or enhancement. The answer helps in crafting a customised IT services plan tailored to the organisation's unique needs.

How can IT Services enhance Security and Compliance?

Security is a top concern for businesses, and understanding how IT services contribute to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance is crucial. Questions in this category may include inquiries about data protection measures, encryption, access controls, and strategies for mitigating cybersecurity risks. Businesses often seek IT services that not only optimise their operations but also ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of their data.

What is the Scalability of my current IT Services?

As businesses grow and evolve, their IT needs change. Scalability becomes a critical factor in ensuring that IT services can adapt to the changing demands of the organisation. Businesses want to know if the IT services can seamlessly scale with their growth, whether it's in terms of infrastructure, support capabilities, or the integration of new technologies. Understanding the scalability of IT services ensures that the chosen solutions can support the business's future goals.

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