Welcome to Bulldog IT

Bulldog IT – Tested, modules, PC’s and Laptops.

Bulldog IT – Tested, modules, PC’s and Laptops.

A simple coding / identification process will be used for our tested modules, PC’s and Laptops –

Starting with a unique 2 Digit ‘owner’ Identifier code – XX
BD – Bulldog IT
SU – Supreme Auctions
WP – W&H Peacock Auctions

Followed by an 8 digit code – This then forms the URL / SLUG and title of the page eg:

https://bulldogit.co.uk/tested/bd800011/ – so this is a Bulldog IT product, a network card and item number 11.

Starting numeric code for specific items:

PC’s XX1xxxxxxx
Laptops XX2xxxxxxx
Graphics Cards / GPU XX3xxxxxxx
RAM / DRAM / DIMM XX4xxxxxxx
HDD / SSD / NVMe XX5xxxxxxx
Motherboard XX6xxxxxxx
CPU XX7xxxxxxx
Network XX8xxxxxxx
Screen XX9xxxxxxx