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Bulldog IT – Hosted Solutions

Welcome to Bulldog IT

Bulldog IT – Hosted Solutions

Bulldog IT – Hosted Solutions

What are Hosted solutions?

Bulldog IT’s cloud based IaaS (infrastructure as a service) environments provides your business with a flexible environment, should anything change. As your organisation grows and has increasing requirements, cloud hosted solutions allows for additional resources to be seamlessly added. This also operates in the same way should your organisation need to reduce resources, as the hosted laaS is adaptable for your business needs.
Bulldog IT provides up to 99.9% uptime availability guaranteed, and servers are hosted within the UK. With all Bulldog IT’s solutions, including 24/7 proactive monitoring, redundancy and disaster recovery, your business is safe, your infrastructure is protected, and all data is backed up in the event of a system failure.
Cloud hosting solutions is more cost effective than the traditional dedicated server model that requires companies to build and manage their own data centres. This is because having a traditional server with dedicated hardware and resources on business premises, is a costly expense and increases operational and administrative resources. Operating with cloud solutions not only has benefits such as data recovery, but it is much easier to access the sever which gives businesses 24/7 availability.

What are the benefits of using cloud computing?

Adaptability – Applications and solutions are available on a cloud network rather than an on-premises, single server which allows for any information to become easily accessible as and when its required. This adaptability means it can be tailored to your needs, you only pay for the resources you need and can change this at any time.

Availability- Solutions are automated and controlled using APIs, web portals, and mobile apps, this makes it convenient to you and allows you to access it whenever you need it. Using laaS cloud solutions makes resources available over the internet, which is also much quicker than traditional methods.

Security – Cloud Security gives your IT infrastructure greater protections and prevents malware from entering your business’s IT systems. Local anti-virus on your company’s internal servers can only do so much, and relying on employees to spot threats is a high-risk strategy. With our trusted security services, you can be sure that threats are kept at bay long before they reach your system.

Hosted Solutions FAQ’s

SLAs depend upon the solution implemented, however most will have a defined SLA which is dependent upon the service, the impact and the severity.

Public cloud is where resources (i.e. servers) are owned by a third party provider and the services are delivered over the internet. With a public cloud, you share the hardware, storage etc with other organisations in a ’multi-tenanted’ environment. All the hardware is owned and managed by the cloud provider. An example of this is the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or AWS.
Private cloud is where resources are used solely by one organisation. The private cloud can be physically located at your organisation’s data centre, or hosted by a third party provider, however the hardware and software are dedicated to your organisation and they are maintained on a private network.

Completely flexible for your business needs, in terms of having it easily accessible to you as and when you need it.

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Popular Cloud Services Questions

Explain to us how moving our business 'into' the cloud could save us money?

We are happy to provide an unbiased view of the current options available to any business. Depending on your size, business model, client base, workforce base, business drivers, future business plans etc etc can often define what services you can best use and utilise to the maximum providing the best return on your investment (ROI).

Can you let me know about your virtual and hosted solution

Want to move away from your old cumbersome desktop / laptop and all the management / support that goes with that device. Want a clean, secure, updated, consistent desktop, for you and your staff? Help us move on and keep up to date with our IT allowing our staff to spend more time working rather than dealing with IT issues!

How secure are our desktops, networks, applications, connectivity?

Cloud / Cyber security should be at the forefront of any business processes. Lose you connectivity, data, files, apps, company account info and your business could be in serious trouble, not just with its ability to function, but also from the Law. We can help you secure your networks, lockdown your desktops, secure your email systems

Bulldog IT's CIO consultancy group - common requests

We need a temporary CIO / IT director to come in. Once or twice a month. Sit with the SMT and understand your business drivers. Then translate that into an IT strategy that we, as non technical people can understand and we can then implement.
Our current IT supplier is great, we don't want to change them, we just need someone to sanity check the advice they are giving us. Their solutions seem quite expensive and we want to ensure that we are getting the best value for our money and not investing in systems or solutions that will not be fit for purpose as we grow.

We have a CIO consultancy group set-up for just these types of requests.

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