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Bulldog IT – Cloud Backup

Welcome to Bulldog IT

Bulldog IT – Cloud Backup

What is Cloud Backup?

Bulldog IT provides business with cloud backup services in London & the Home Counties. Bulldog IT’s highly experienced team can help with your cloud concerns.

Having a business-grade cloud backup solution enables businesses to have a cost-effective backup ‘as a service’ solution. Cloud backup enables clients to have a resilient backup solution that doesn’t require heavy upfront investment, protecting data wherever it resides. If clients have a requirement to protect data for a number of years, then an offsite, cloud-based backup solution is an ideal alternative to older solutions such as tape backup. A cloud-based backup solution allows for quicker recovery of data, and data can be retained for as long as you wish.

Why use Cloud Backup?

The business cloud backup is completely secure, with 448-bit encryption (military-grade), and 99.9% service availability ensuring that Bulldog IT provide businesses with the peace of mind that data is recoverable, and there are possible disaster recovery measures in place. This data is also hosted in a UK-based data centre for a resilient, secure and compliant solution. Businesses can also lower bandwidth utilisation and costs as the solution can be set for true incremental backups; ensuring that files are backed up with any changes on the PC or Mac device.

An added value benefit to the business cloud backup is the fact that you can also get 24x7x365 UK support for any issues. Bulldog IT are on hand to deal with any issues or support requests whenever required. Bulldog IT will also work with businesses going forwards to ensure that the service evolves alongside the requirements as they change over time.

Why is Cloud Computing Important for Businesses?

Business cloud backup also allows for businesses to have one account that is used across PCs, Macs and servers, all managed from one simple to use web portal. This ensures that the backup caters for everything in the environment if required. Individual devices can also be cherry picked for inclusion if there are individual users or user groups that require cloud backup.

Cloud Backup FAQ’s

The cloud is essentially servers that are accessed over the internet. These servers are located in data centres all over the world. This removes the requirement for having to have physical on-premise servers in place at your business, which can result in a cost saving and improve business continuity.

Azure Backup is a cost-effective, secure backup solution that is scalable based upon your needs. The centralised management interface enables you to set backup policies and protect a wide range of workloads, including Virtual Machines, databases, and file shares.

Datto SaaS Protection provides a comprehensive backup and recovery for cloud data that lives in Microsoft 365, including email and SharePoint.

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Popular Cloud Services Questions

Explain to us how moving our business 'into' the cloud could save us money?

We are happy to provide an unbiased view of the current options available to any business. Depending on your size, business model, client base, workforce base, business drivers, future business plans etc etc can often define what services you can best use and utilise to the maximum providing the best return on your investment (ROI).

Can you let me know about your virtual and hosted solution

Want to move away from your old cumbersome desktop / laptop and all the management / support that goes with that device. Want a clean, secure, updated, consistent desktop, for you and your staff? Help us move on and keep up to date with our IT allowing our staff to spend more time working rather than dealing with IT issues!

How secure are our desktops, networks, applications, connectivity?

Cloud / Cyber security should be at the forefront of any business processes. Lose you connectivity, data, files, apps, company account info and your business could be in serious trouble, not just with its ability to function, but also from the Law. We can help you secure your networks, lockdown your desktops, secure your email systems

Bulldog IT's CIO consultancy group - common requests

We need a temporary CIO / IT director to come in. Once or twice a month. Sit with the SMT and understand your business drivers. Then translate that into an IT strategy that we, as non technical people can understand and we can then implement.
Our current IT supplier is great, we don't want to change them, we just need someone to sanity check the advice they are giving us. Their solutions seem quite expensive and we want to ensure that we are getting the best value for our money and not investing in systems or solutions that will not be fit for purpose as we grow.

We have a CIO consultancy group set-up for just these types of requests.

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