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Bulldog IT – Security

Securing your IT system is crucial to the day to day running of your business. It is also vital that all business owners have a fundamental working knowledge to protect against cyber-attacks. Did you know, one small business in the UK is successfully hacked every 19 seconds? For this reason, we have listed some key security solutions and techniques that you can do to protect yourself from digitally based threats.

Staff education will be your quickest security win!

Educate your staff. No saving passwords on their BYOD is a simple start to securing your IT environment. Once logged into your business device, most people save all their passwords etc to make their daily work / home life easier. A hackers dream. A thief’s dream. All your company data, easily accessed and just a click away. Install and start using virtual desktops. Everything (including your desktop operating system) is held in the cloud, is also a great starting point. The use of a single sign-on, an authenticator app, facial recognition, fingerprint or a 2 step verification prosses is also a good idea to educate your staff about. We don’t let people oversee our pin input, why save all your ‘password / pin’ data allowing someone ready access to your business data and possibly accounts. Educate your staff, and allow Bulldog IT to provide them with the tools to securely go about their daily workload.

What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint protection, also commonly known as anti-virus, is a resource that protects systems and devices against harmful programs such as spyware and malware. We strongly recommend installing this software on all devices and that it is always kept up to date. We assist our clients in the setup of the relevant policies and ensure that security patches and updates are deployed to all devices across the network.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for Business

Every business requires a backup solution of some sort. By having an effective backup and disaster recovery solution in place, you can make sure that your data is always easily accessible and recoverable in case of the worst were to happen.

Cloud Firewall

A cloud managed firewall monitors network traffic coming into your business and removes unwanted attempts to access your network from hackers or malicious software (e.g., worms). You must ensure that your firewall Is reviewed and updated regularly to give your business the best possible protection.

Email protection

Email gateways are the number one threat for a security breach as there are a few ways in which a cyber-attack can be launched against you. Email protection not only limits email spam, but also adds an additional layer of security to protect your business from several kinds of threats.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication also known as MFA, is a system that verifies users’ identity by requiring multiple credentials when logging on/signing in. Quite often a code will be sent to your mobile which can be inputted to your machine, adding an additional step which massively discourages hackers from attempting to breach your account.

If you would like to find out more on IT security for businesses, we have 10 more tried and tested techniques which will protect you from any cyber threat. This forms part of our ’15 steps of IT security’ consultancy. Get in touch today to find out more by speaking to one of our security specialists.

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Popular IT Security Questions

Can you tell us exactly what IT we have across our company, globally if needs be?

Absolutely. Without knowing exactly what you have across your desktops, servers, networks and applications etc, how often you use it, its security vulnerabilities etc? Without asking these fundamental questions, how are you ever going to secure an environment you don't know fully about. Security 101

We have some 'IT stuff' in the cloud and some not. Can you help us identify any security vulnerabilities we might have?

Want to move away from your old cumbersome desktop / laptop and all the management / support that goes with that device. Want a clean, secure, updated, consistent desktop, for you and your staff? Helping you move on and keep up to date with IT allowing your staff to spend more time 'working' rather than dealing with IT issues!

How secure are our desktops, networks, applications, connectivity? Find our security issues please!

Cloud / Cyber security should be at the forefront of any business processes. Lose you connectivity, data, files, apps, company account info and your business could be in serious trouble, not just with its ability to function, but also from the Law. We can help you secure your networks, lockdown your desktops, secure your email systems and educate staff about IT security.

Bulldog IT's CIO consultancy group - common requests

We need a temporary CIO / IT director to come in. Once or twice a month. Sit with the SMT and understand our business drivers. Then translate that into an IT strategy that we, as non technical people can understand and we can then implement.
Our current IT supplier is great, we don't want to change them, we just need someone to sanity check the advice they are giving us. Their solutions seem quite expensive and we want to ensure that we are getting the best value for our money and not investing in systems or solutions that will not be fit for purpose as we grow.

We have a CIO consultancy group set-up for just these types of requests.

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