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Bulldog IT – Second-hand Computers and components

Bulldog IT – Second-hand Computers and components

Here at Bulldog IT we like to Warranty every Computer or computer component we issue.

We can only do this because we extensively test every PC or component. Every PC and Component should come with a information sheet giving the items serial numbers, test pass etc.

When considering a purchase form us or using our testing services, please read our plain English warranty designed to provide complete peace of mind. Here is a comprehensive description of our warranty T&Cs.

The Bulldog IT Ltd Sales warranty covers all new and refurbished items purchased from any of our online purchases or purchases from online auction house that use our services.

Refurbished Macs and Windows laptop / desktop computers are covered by a 3 month or 30 day warranty. The warranty covers hardware ONLY and ONLY the hardware we have tested and warranted. So if a virus or misconfigured computer requires support this may be chargeable though we will always do our best to help however we can.

In the rare event a hardware fault does occur within the warranty period, you’ll need to contact us to let us know and book the machine in for a repair. This repair will go through all the same processes and checks as our other repairs though there will be nothing to pay when complete.

In the exceptionally rare event whereby a machine is brought back with a repeated hardware fault (we consider three repairs during warranty to be a repeat problem) then Bulldog IT Ltd will offer a replacement machine of equal or more value to the one originally purchased.

The difference between hardware and software…

Our refurbished machines come preinstalled with an operating system, or ‘OS’ (Windows / macOS / Ubuntu Linux) and this OS is not covered by any warranty either implied or expressed. Software and all of the files and folders or other data is the customers responsibility to backup and maintain. We are always happy to assist and advise on backup software to try, or provide instruction on how to use Cloud based file replication apps, but please bear in mind the warranty on your new machine is for hardware faults only OR the individual components we have tested.

Some examples of hardware faults (covered) are:

  • “Memory module fails on start-up” (if this memory module was included in a complete PC or a memory module tested by Bulldog IT Ltd)
  • “Will not switch on” (if this PSU (Power supply Unit) was included in a complete PC or a PSU module tested by Bulldog IT Ltd)
  • “No display on my screen” (if this GPU / Graphics card was included in a complete PC or a GPU tested by Bulldog IT Ltd)
  • “I get error bleep codes on startup” (if this Motherboard was included in a complete PC or a Motherboard tested by Bulldog IT Ltd)

Some examples of software faults (not covered) are:

  • “I ran a Windows update and now my computer desktop is different”
  • “My email application is not sending emails anymore”.
  • “My application is not working anymore”.
  • “I have lost all my work files since I changed something”.


Simple thing to remember with computers, they don’t think for themselves, they will only do what you tell them to (whether on purpose or by mistake!!!)

All software or configuration problems that may be fixed by us but will be chargeable as IT support labour.

Repair warranty:

Our repairs are performed to the highest standards which enable us to offer a 90 day warranty on labour, 90 day warranty on refurbished parts used in any repair, and 12 month warranty on any new parts used in the repair. We will always discuss and agree with you about the status of the parts used, so we’ll always tell you if we need to use new or refurbished part.

What does a 90 day labour warranty mean?

Let’s say we replace your OLD hard drive with a NEW SSD (Solid State Drive). Then, ten months after the repair, the SSD unexpectedly fails. Under the warranty agreement, we will only charge for labour to replace the Solid State Drive, the new drive itself is covered by this warranty and so replaced free of charge if the repair is booked within it’s twelve month warranty period.

What happens if you can’t book the machine in for a warranty repair during the warranty period?

In short – please call us! We have had the odd occasion whereby a customer simply cannot make it to send in the items or to book in a repair when it is nearing its end of warranty. We understand ‘life happens’ and sometimes it’s just not practical. You may live a long way away and have car problems or find yourself on an extended stay abroad. We are flexible and will always be reasonable in these circumstances. All we ask is that you call us within the warranty period so we can log the fault. We will then wait for you to book in with us, even if the actual booking in is outside the warranty period.

Ongoing advice and support:

Customers who buy computers and services from us are welcome to call us at any time for help and support. We do try to limit this free support to 10 or 15 minutes at a time especially if we are busy, it may be that we need to ask you to call back when we’re quieter. For more formal IT support we offer service plans to both private and business customers.

Thank you for using Bulldog IT Ltd.