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Bulldog IT – Virtual Desktop Solutions

Welcome to Bulldog IT

Bulldog IT – Virtual Desktop Solutions


Being Azure Virtual Desktop Experts, we can help to deploy, manage and scale your Windows Desktops and Apps on Azure. Even in a matter of hours for a new blank platform!

Make your team agile. Empower your remote employees to access Windows and Apps from any device, anytime, anywhere. Get a robust and secure remote desktop experience with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

What is a Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) formerly Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a fully managed cloud desktop on Azure Cloud by Microsoft that allows your employees to securely access all your organisation’s applications, services, networks and enterprise data for any device, for anywhere. All that is required is a reliable and stable internet connection.

It offers a consistent user experience across all devices, faster performance, on-demand scalability, higher availability and ensuring zero or minimal business disruption.

It is the only virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that delivers the multi-session Windows 10 experience, enables optimisations for Office 365 and support for Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops and apps.

Azure Virtual Desktop seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and Teams to enhance overall employees user experience and productivity within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

In terms of pricing, it’s highly affordable as you pay only for services you use. Further, it eliminates the upfront Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) costs associated with hardware and software licenses.

In a nutshell, it’s a perfect virtual desktop solution that’s ready for today’s modern workplace.

  • Access corporate apps, services from any device, anytime
  • Easy to scale up & down on-demand – It grows as you grow
  • Centralised management & control
  • Superior user experience – a consistent desktop
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Easy & faster deployment – add a new desktop in hours


Bulldog IT is an innovative Managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provider who’s staff have successfully migrated thousands of remote desktop users to the cloud.

  • Full managed AVD services right from design, installation, configuration and management of your AVD / WVD environment
  • Highly experienced team of Microsoft specialists
  • Well defined SLAs for service availability, response time and remediation
  • Comprehensive & friendly IT Help Desk
  • Support. Single point of contact for all technical issues
  • All inclusive, affordable pricing models to choose from

We also provide Azure Virtual Desktop Assessment and AVD Proof of Concept (POC) as per client’s request for exploring feasibility and readiness. This helps to build confidence, save time and money to ensure decisions are made in the right direction.


Before we start to move you over to AVD we will spend time looking at all your current applications and services. There may also be new services and applications you would like to add to your AVD solution. Once a full assessment has been completed we will build a prerequisite task list as part of a  migration project to AVD.

All migrations to AVD are project managed through our customer portal allowing you to track progress at any stage. Our project plan will be built as a result of project meetings so that all involved parties have a full understanding of what will be carried out and when. This will include the migration of existing apps and data allowing to to minimise any disruption to your staff. When required, we will work with any specialist software providers.

Azure Virtual Desktop is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform and whilst many other forms of Hosted Desktop can also be provided on the same Azure infrastructure, there are benefits and disadvantages to both. We would always recommend that we take a close look at your current infrastructure and requirements before making a decision. For example , AVD allows for native Windows 10 desktop instead of a Windows 10 “desktop experience” on Server OS with Remote Desktop Services RDS. Applications that were written for RDS on Server OS may not work in Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session right away. Also, AVD includes user profile container technology from FSLogix. As you can see, this is a complex question that has a complex answer but we will go through this in detail and look for the best solution that fits your requirements.

Most organisations are not really concerned on how IT systems work, and rightfully so.  They are looking for solutions to meet their IT goals. The staff at Tech Results have many years of experience delivering Cloud Solutions and therefore understand the complexity complications and traps with providing such solutions. We make the process of moving to a solution like AVD as simple as possible, holding your hand for the whole journey. Once you’re up and running on your new solution we will then support your new system and even more importantly your staff in making the best use of this new technology.

As a CSP (Cloud Service Provider) we are approved to provide Azure services and invoice you for those services at the same rate that you would receive them directly from Microsoft. This allows us to manage your purchased services and the costs involved allowing us to optimise your Azure spend. We will charge the same rates that Microsoft charges directly. 
In addition to this we make a charge for management of your servers. The Azure management portal is extremely complex and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands and mistakes can easily be made, some of which are difficult to recover from. We will provide a simplified portal, allowing you to make basic changes to your system but with vastly reduced risk.
We also include support for your end users. There are options here for the extent of the support. We can cover everything including you local printers, network and devices or just the cloud Aspect of your systems allow you to complete your local IT by other means.  If we look after your local systems we will install RMM software (Remote monitoring and Management) allowing us to keep all your PC’s and laptops up to date, protected and patched.

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Popular Cloud Services Questions

Explain to us how moving our business 'into' the cloud could save us money?

We are happy to provide an unbiased view of the current options available to any business. Depending on your size, business model, client base, workforce base, business drivers, future business plans etc etc can often define what services you can best use and utilise to the maximum providing the best return on your investment (ROI).

Can you let me know about your virtual and hosted solution

Want to move away from your old cumbersome desktop / laptop and all the management / support that goes with that device. Want a clean, secure, updated, consistent desktop, for you and your staff? Help us move on and keep up to date with our IT allowing our staff to spend more time working rather than dealing with IT issues!

How secure are our desktops, networks, applications, connectivity?

Cloud / Cyber security should be at the forefront of any business processes. Lose you connectivity, data, files, apps, company account info and your business could be in serious trouble, not just with its ability to function, but also from the Law. We can help you secure your networks, lockdown your desktops, secure your email systems

Bulldog IT's CIO consultancy group - common requests

We need a temporary CIO / IT director to come in. Once or twice a month. Sit with the SMT and understand your business drivers. Then translate that into an IT strategy that we, as non technical people can understand and we can then implement.
Our current IT supplier is great, we don't want to change them, we just need someone to sanity check the advice they are giving us. Their solutions seem quite expensive and we want to ensure that we are getting the best value for our money and not investing in systems or solutions that will not be fit for purpose as we grow.

We have a CIO consultancy group set-up for just these types of requests.

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